Let's Dig in


Following recipes can

help build the foundation for healthy eating habits and boost self-confidence.

A cook may already

know the basic ingredients for pancake batter, such as flour, eggs, milk, and so on, but only recipes will tell you what proportions to use.


when you start to keep in mind serving sizes for your guests, your meals will turn out better and you'll actually love cooking more than ever.

Our integrated recipes

enable on-the-go shoppers to instantly print, pin, or even check items off in real time.

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Young children can

develop their language abilities and acquire some fundamental math principles via cooking.

Mise en Place

(MEEZ-ahn-plahs) increases the efficiency of the actual cooking process and prevents errors or the discovery of missing materials at a vital point.

Put your cutting board on top of a wet paper towel.

This stops the cutting board from swiveling while handling knives.

Wash as you go


You can manage

your weight and reduce your chance of developing some chronic (long-term) disorders by making wise food choices.

Eating well can

lower your risk of developing: Obesity and overweight, Heart condition, Diabetes Type 2, Elevated blood pressure, Certain Cancers

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CHEAT MEALS (Remember 80/20 Rule)​

According to research,

the body speeds up metabolism after a cheat meal, causing you to burn calories more quickly. Leptin, a hormone generated by fat cells and in charge of preserving the body's energy balance, is to blame for this increase in levels.

Your body produces

more leptin after a larger-than-usual meal and continues to do so for up to 24 hours. Control is key and will encourage discipline. If you struggle in this category, maybe try 90/10 rule.